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Press Release          June 3, 2004

NoMerger Group forms PAC

A group of nearly 200 Orange County, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Hillsborough parents with children in the public schools has started a PAC, or Political Action Committee, and the group has already received $1,200 in donations from individuals within the community. The group, NoMerger.Org, says it wants to inform voters of the importance of the Democratic primary July 20th in selecting the next group of Orange County commissioners and ultimately in deciding school district merger. 

"Most residents are unaware that the school  merger issue is still very much alive," said NoMerger member Mark Peters. "If we don't turn out in great force on Primary Day, we might very well be facing a merger vote by the end of the year."  Peters said that school merger is definitely supported by incumbent Moses Carey and appears to be supported by incumbent Margaret Brown. He pointed out that for the last 50 years the winner of the Democratic primary has always gone on to win the November general election. 

"The election is more or less over on July 20th," Peters said. "If we want to defeat school merger, this may be our only chance. Fortunately, there are some great candidates out there who are opposed to merger."   

While conceding that NoMerger's stance is "a classic David vs. Goliath matchup," NoMerger spokesman Matthew Barton says he believes most citizens support replacing the long-standing incumbents with populists who are committed to representing the will of their constituency, building strong communities, and laying merger to rest. 

"We haven't endorsed anyone yet, because we're waiting for questionaire responses, " said Barton, "but that will happen in the near future. The public needs to know that if the incumbents are re-elected, merger will be back with a vengeance."

According to NoMerger member David Weinberg, the many citizens involved in NoMerger.Org wish to continue the proud Orange County tradition of local control of excellent public schools, with strong public support for school funding.  Weinberg said NoMerger.Org is running a local grass-roots campaign, using the Internet, yard signs and local media advertising to get its message out. The group is accepting donations of $1-99 from area residents.

"We're grateful for the support," said Weinberg. "We truly want to be a grassroots group. I'm proud of how many donations we've received in such a short time."  Weinberg added that NoMerger.Org believes the deleterious educational, social and financial impact of school merger on county residents has been ignored by the incumbents, so they must be replaced. 

"They don't seem to care about any of the arguments that have been made by the public," he said of Carey and Brown. "They keep saying they're going to save money and avoid bussing, but they've never explained how. The truth is, there's no good explanation." representatives said they are working to educate citizens via their website ( on the many fallacies perpetuated during the merger debate. "The very real over-crowding in our public schools continues to grow while vague social policy dithering pre-occupies the incumbents," Barton said. "It's time for a change in leadership."


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