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4/19/2006 - Endorses Alice Gordon & Fred Battle

4/14/2006 - Reactivates PAC & Announces Plans

3/22/2006 - 2006 BOCC Candidate Survey Available

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10/06/2004 - 2004 General Election Endorsement

10/05/2004 - Contributions Closed For Now

In order to reduce PAC-related paperwork, is filing papers to become inactive as a PAC until we start again receiving or spending money to endorse candidates in the 2006 election.  WE WILL REMAIN A VERY ACTIVE issue group - this move merely reduces the amount of paperwork we have to file as a PAC since we have no reason to receive or spend money to endorse candidates.

We plan to return to active PAC status in 2006.  Current funds on hand remain "frozen" until we return to active status.  We will simply not take contributions nor spend any additional money to advertise endorsements until the next election.  As long as our hosting expense is properly accounted for in our inactive filing, then we may continue to publicize our endorsements on our website, per confirmation from the NC Board of Elections.

7/21/2004 - Valerie Foushee Wins the Democratic Primary and Pam Hemminger made a very strong showing!!!

7/17/2004 - Join Us for our "GET OUT AND VOTE" Party

On Saturday July 17 from 10AM-12noon, an Early Voting party is being sponsored by
NoMerger.Org at McCorkle Place on Franklin St. adjacent to the Morehead Planetarium. 
Balloons, a clown, face painting, stickers, snacks and drinks will make it a fun event for
the kids. Election hand-outs will be available for undecided voters.

7/19/2004 - Check your polling Place / Sample Ballot / Where to watch results

7/15/2004 - 20 Neighborhoods were flyered

7/15/2004 - Recent Endorsements

  • Valerie Foushee received the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Federation of Teachers endorsement!
  • Pam Hemminger received the Chapel Hill News and Sierra Club endorsement!

7/15/2004 - Chapel Hill Herald Editorial

"We're in the midst of the most hotly contested race for county office in recent memory..."

" has helped to make this a different kind of race, and for that reason it's no accident that the group's role in the election is attracting criticism from partisans of the incumbents."

7/13/2004 - was on NBC 17 6:00pm news

7/13/2004 - OCS Board of Education Candidate answers

7/9/2004 - Press Release:  Keeping the facts straight on busing and school merger is a major issue in County Commissioners race

7/9/2004 - CHN Editorial:  Political undercurrents, low turnout will affect commissioner race

7/8/2004 - Herald Article: School merger overshadows other issues (see also)

7/7/2004 - Indy Article: Unexpected merger of views

7/4/2004 - Press Release: June 30th Finance Report

7/3/2004 - Chapel Hill News Article on Merger & Election

7/1/2004 - Carey and Brown say NO to Fair Funding of OCS

6/24/2004 - on WCHL "Life on the Hill" 1 Hour Show!

The show aired on Thursday at 10:10 am and was replayed Saturday at 3:10pm.

Couple of corrections:

  •  The 9,800 figure was the number of democratic households who voted in the 2002 Democratic Primary.  The number of individual voters in that primary was around 13,500.
  •  Members will receive about 1-2 emails per week until July 20th and then will receive 1 email per month until things heat up again.

6/23/2004 - All Endorsement Signs Distributed to Volunteers - Thanks!!

6/22/2004 - Submit Letters to the Editor - We make it easy!

6/22/2004 - OCS Board of Ed Candidate Survey Due July 1st

We are not planning to endorse OCS BOE candidates, but we want our membership to know where candidates stand.

6/20/2004 - Endorsement Signs Have Arrived

6/10/2004 - Make Your Very Own Car Sign!!!

6/10/2004 - Candidate Forum discusses environmental impact of merger

6/8/2004 - Endorses Foushee and Hemminger

Congratulations to Val Foushee and Pam Hemminger, the official endorsed candidates Six of the Seven Candidates answered our questions about merger.

Chapel Hill News Article (2nd article)

Chapel Hill Herald Article

News and Observer Article

WCHL Commentary: 2004-06-08 "You need to vote on July 20th"

6/7/2004 - Endorsement Press Conference on 6/8

6/6/2004 - in Chapel Hill Herald

6/5/2004 - on WCHL Morning News

Steering committee members David Weinberg and Mark Peters were interviewed by James Butler on the Saturday WCHL Mornings News Program.  Thanks David and Mark!

6/5/2004 - Awareness Signs Go Up

50 signs have gone up at major intersections in Chapel Hill and Carboro.  We hope to put up the endorsement signs with more comprehensive coverage (for example, we are not allowed to put up signs in Hillsborough for another two weeks).  Once we endorse candidates, we will order many more signs with the endorsements on them.

6/3/2004 - Press Release - NoMerger Group Forms PAC

5/30/2004 - Newspaper Ads Started

5/21/2004 - becomes a County PAC

NC law requires that 2 or more people who support a candidate to be registered as a PAC. To date, has been issues-based and has talked about candidates' position on merger, but has not endorsed anyone.

5/5/2004 - Commissioner Race is Finally Getting Going

Valerie Foushee and Pam Hemminger have stated that they are against merger.  Merger is not the only issue that voters should be studying, but it is a very important issue.  We will update you as we find out about other candidates.

Useful Election Links

3/15/2004 - Margaret Brown Pro-Merger?  You decide.

3/4/2004 - Analysis of the 3 Public Hearings Are Now Available =

At the March 4th, 2004 Orange County Board of Commissioners meeting, read the following statement: has published a spreadsheet analyzing the stated positions of all speakers from the 3 public hearings regarding possible merger of the city and county schools of Orange County.

Moses Carey, Jr. stated in the Feb 12th BOCC meeting that 35%-40% of the people speaking at the hearings were in favor of merger. Our analysis shows that this figure is incorrect. After counting each speaker who spoke at multiple hearings only once, we found that only 25% were for school merger. By contrast, 64% were AGAINST merger, and 11% were neutral. This means there were 2 1/2 TIMES as many speakers AGAINST merger as FOR it. calls on the BOCC to represent the will of its constituency and officially vote to take merger off of the table and focus on implementing recommendations of the studies which are soon to begin. However, we have a serious concern that the current studies are intended to hide merger from the citizens and voters until the election is over.

We call on all the Board of County Commissioners to pledge to respect local control of the separate school districts.


3/1/2004 Current Status of Possible Merger

  • Merger Lives. While the decision to study merger for the rest of the year may look like a pragmatic decision, the real reason is to remove the cloud which hovers over the incumbents' re-election campaigns.
  • Commissioner Carey has declared that Merger will be brought up after the election. Clearly, He will take re-election as a mandate to merge.
  • We, the citizens, continue ask ourselves the hard questions. Why have the county schools been overbuilt? And how did such a large funding disparity come about?
  • If you are a city schools parent, you need to be concerned that schools have been built in the wrong places. Who is going to pay for this mistake? It will be your kids, for they will be bused long distances to the overbuilt schools. This busing will delay the building of the schools that should have been built near your neighborhood in the first place.  Had the schools been built in the right places, merger would not be on the table as a purported way to save capital dollars.
  • If you are a county schools parent who believes there is a per-pupil funding disparity, then remember that this occurred as a result of conscious decisions by the very commissioners who act like the disparity just sprung up one day.
  • Merger will cause development of the rural buffer.  It's also a bad environmental move as children will be bused long distances, encouraging sprawl, congestion, and pollution.
  • Merger defies smart growth principles where services are placed near the population to be served.

It is time for a change in leadership. We need to elect commissioners who will actually represent their constituents, commissioners who will have strong, productive relationships with our elected school boards.


2/12/2004 - Commissioner Meeting February 12th

The commissioners decided not to go for a supplemental tax (Gordon and Carey supportive, others not) and are now poised to start these new studies:

  1. The collaboration group with Andy Sachs. Interim report end of April.
  2. An efficiency study
  3. School Excellence task force
  4. (maybe) A group to look at countywide supplemental tax

John Link, County Manager, indicated that an outside consultant would need to be brought in for the efficiency study and that it would likely not be ready by November.  Jacobs, Brown, and Halkiotis thought the efficiency study should be completed prior to seeking any increase in OCS funding via a county supplemental tax.

Carey indicated that 65% of people speaking at hearings were in favor of increased funding and 35-40% spoke in favor of merger.  We ran the numbers on the Oct 16th hearing transcripts and came up with this breakdown: 24% FOR MERGER, 61% AGAINST, 15% Neutral.  An analysis of the second and third hearing will be done soon and the details will be posted so folks can compare the analysis to the transcripts.

So what do we make of this?  It appears that these studies will get merger out of the way for the election.



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