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Donations must include name and address, so please provide this when you checkout.  PayPal offers secure transactions and we never see your credit card number.

Give $1 - $99

Please note that does not accept single or aggregate donations of more than $99*.  Spouses may contribute separately.  Contributions are probably not tax deductible.  Contributors certify that they reside in North Carolina.

To Donate Via Check ($1 to $99)
104 Grainger Lane
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Why a $99 Limit?

We are a grassroots organization which only wants small donations.  Our list is available to the press upon request. NC law allows us to take donations up to $4,000 per person per election (ie - $4,000 per contributor per primary, $4,000 per contributor per general election, $4,000 per contributor per runoff), but we have chosen to only allow $99 donations.  In much the same way, some campaigns limit donations to $100 or $200.  Others take contributions up to $1,000.

We plan to spend the contributions on:

  • Signs for major thoroughfares

  • Newspaper ads

  • WCHL ads

  • Printing flyers to hand out on Franklin street and at major community events

  • Other effective advertising options as we determine them

Email us if you would like to volunteer.

*If we inadvertently take aggregate donations of more than $100 from an individual, the donor will need to provide his or her occupation and employer to comply with NC law.


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