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Why NoMerger.org?

Yes, the name sounds a bit geeky, but it is a name that is registered officially.  The name also insures that people can find us on the web to find out more about us and join us.  Click Here for Latest News.

Contact Information

You may email the steering committee at the email address at the bottom of this page.  This email address may change without notice, particularly if it starts receiving spam.  If your email to us bounces, please check here to determine our new email address.

NoMerger.org Steering Committee Members

The steering committee is made up of a group of parents who carefully studied the issues surrounding merger during the public comment period and felt that it was time to form a group to oppose merger.  These members have spoken at hearings (Oct 16th and Oct 23rd), written local articles and letters, and are involved in the leadership of their children's school.  The steering committee reached out to other key members of the community while forming NoMerger.org.  Many of the committee members have met with county commissioners and with groups in favor of merger to make sure that they were considering all of the issues before coming to the conclusion that merger was not the right solution.

The steering committee is focused on advocating candidates who will benefit both county school systems. 

David L Weinberg
Jennifer Jansen
Judy Margolis
Mark Peters
Matthew Barton
Pang Yao
Susan Payne
Tim Godsey


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