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JULY 4TH, 2004

NoMerger.org, an issue group that informally coalesced around the County Commissioner initiated school merger proposal, officially became a political action committee in late May.
NoMerger.org is pleased to announce its intended filing of its 2nd quarter report with the Orange County Board of Elections.  After only one month as a PAC on June 30th, NoMerger.org has received contributions totaling $2,898 from 53 different contributors and includes 220 official members.  The average contribution was $54.  The group seeks an additional $900 to fund remaining advertising plans. 
"We would like to thank the many contributors for their kind support, and realize for many this is their first time contributing to any political cause.  There is still much more to do and we hope people will be as generous going forward.  The true grassroots nature of this organization is reflected by the fact that our contribution limit is less than half that of the current incumbents.",  said one steering committee member.
NoMerger.org endorsed County Commissioner candidates Valerie Foushee and Pam Hemminger.
"We have to make the most of every contribution we get.  We, and the candidates we endorse, don't have the war chest the incumbents do.  But we do our best to get the message out, and make up for what we lack as a political machine with effort and creativity", Mark Peters, NoMerger.org steering committee member. 
To a great degree, NoMerger.org formed because the incumbents were poorly handling the merger proposal.  "The commissioners held 10 hours of public hearings and then had no substantive conversation on merger.  Commissioner discussions on merger are either not occurring or are occurring out of the public view.  The topic was immediately buried in studies intended to hide it from this primary election", Peters said.
NoMerger.org was started to hopefully spread the word about how important the July 20th vote is.  We believe the incumbents are lulling the public to sleep until after their re-election at which time we are certain school merger will re-emerge as divisive as ever.
NoMerger.org plans a get out and vote rally near the Morehead Planetarium Tuesday to kick off early voting and let parents know that this familiar landmark is also the site of Early voting for everyone.  Early voting for all registered voters is taking place daily at the planetarium and Carrboro Town hall from July 6th-July16th (9AM-4PM) with one Saturday the 17th for voting 9AM-1PM.
It's very important that people know everyone can vote early at the Planetarium on Franklin street from 9AM-4PM this and all next week.  Unfortunately, the only Saturday voting (July 17, (9AM-1PM)) is also at the same time as the town wide swim meet championships, so working parents need to plan ahead and take advantage of this early voting periods


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