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At the March 4th, 2004 Orange County Board of Commissioners meeting, read the following statement: has published a spreadsheet analyzing the stated positions of all speakers from the 3 public hearings regarding possible merger of the city and county schools of Orange County.

Moses Carey, Jr. stated in the Feb 12th BOCC meeting that 35%-40% of the people speaking at the hearings were in favor of merger. Our analysis shows that this figure is incorrect. After counting each speaker who spoke at multiple hearings only once, we found that only 25% were for school merger. By contrast, 64% were AGAINST merger, and 11% were neutral. This means there were 2 1/2 TIMES as many speakers AGAINST merger as FOR it. calls on the BOCC to represent the will of its constituency and officially vote to take merger off of the table and focus on implementing recommendations of the studies which are soon to begin. However, we have a serious concern that the current studies are intended to hide merger from the citizens and voters until the election is over.

We call on all the Board of County Commissioners to pledge to respect local control of the separate school districts.

Detailed analysis is available in html and Excel formats

The analysis did not include the comment cards (1st 2nd 3rd).  The comment cards appeared to be about 90% opposed to merger. Hearing Analysis
Any use of this analysis must cite "a spreadsheet posted on".
We welcome feedback and notification of corrections to steering at nomerger dot org.
Check the website in case corrections are posted.  The complete analysis is presented
so that the results can be verified.
The complete transcripts (1st 2nd 3rd) are available on the Orange County Website.
Name Merger Position Hearing
Mark Peters Against 10/16/2003
Christopher McLaurin Against 10/16/2003
Ursula Council Against 10/16/2003
Mary Copeland Against 10/16/2003
Seshi Hargett Neutral 10/16/2003
Jonathan Collins Neutral 10/16/2003 maybe slightly against
Robin Staudt Against 10/16/2003
Bob Tyson Against 10/16/2003
Michelle Lewis Against 10/16/2003
Jim Baumhauer Against 10/16/2003
Jack Nestor For 10/16/2003
Ann Lutes For 10/16/2003
Arlene Furman For 10/16/2003
Tim Godsey Against 10/16/2003
Vince Wingate Against 10/16/2003 talked mostly about referendum
Camille Webster Neutral 10/16/2003
Valerie Summers Against 10/16/2003
Matthew Barton Against 10/16/2003
Randy Sharpe Against 10/16/2003
Mike Kelley Against 10/16/2003
Joe Nanney Neutral 10/16/2003 "Iím not here to advocate for or against the merger."
David Weinberg Against 10/16/2003
Judy Margolis Against 10/16/2003
Stacy Lee For 10/16/2003
Dana Thompson For 10/16/2003
Cathy Saylor For 10/16/2003
Kathy Hartkopf Against 10/16/2003
Emily Maginn Neutral 10/16/2003 probably against
David Laudiciua For 10/16/2003
Katharine Everson Against 10/16/2003
Tom Rankin Neutral 10/16/2003 maybe For
Amy Levine Against 10/16/2003
Gayane Chambless For 10/16/2003
Russell Woods Against 10/16/2003
Deb Love Neutral 10/16/2003
Leslie Lee Against 10/16/2003
Patty Courtright Against 10/16/2003
Bobby Clap Against 10/16/2003
Vicki Hill Neutral 10/16/2003 maybe against?
Dabney Grinnan Against 10/16/2003
Susan Houck For 10/16/2003
Liz Brown For 10/16/2003
Ann Hill Against 10/16/2003 somewhat neutral
Kelly Monroe-Porco For 10/16/2003
Al Hartkopf Against 10/16/2003
Georgia Gamcsik Against 10/16/2003
Anne Lindsey For 10/16/2003
Mark Costley Against 10/16/2003
Allen Spalt Against 10/16/2003
Dan Evers Against 10/16/2003
Robert Rosenberg Neutral 10/16/2003
James Wilde Against 10/16/2003
Rick Kennedy For 10/16/2003
Tammie Stephenson For 10/16/2003
Jim Rabinowitz Against 10/16/2003
Art Beldon Against 10/16/2003
Andy Seligman Against 10/16/2003 I think
Harold McFarland Against 10/16/2003
Gloria Faley Against 10/16/2003
Mark Peters Against 10/23/2003
Patrick Malkey Against 10/23/2003
John Dallara Against 10/23/2003
Elizabeth Brown For 10/23/2003
Eleanor Allison Against 10/23/2003
Christopher McLaurin Neutral 10/23/2003
Ronglin Wang Against 10/23/2003
Sarah Ringel For 10/23/2003
Karl Knapp Against 10/23/2003
George Griffin Against 10/23/2003
Mark Peifer For 10/23/2004
Anne Lutes For 10/23/2004
Joanna edwards Against 10/23/2004
Etta Pisano Against 10/23/2004
David Laudicina For 10/23/2004
John Hartwll Against 10/23/2004
Diane Willis Against 10/23/2004
Thomas Volk  Neutral 10/23/2004
Deborah Love Neutral 10/23/2004
Debbie Piscitelli For 10/23/2004
Debbie Miller Against 10/23/2004
Jeff Danner Against 10/23/2004
Liping Wong Against 10/23/2004
Yuling Li Against 10/23/2004
Nancy Belding  For 10/23/2004
Dianyou Hu Against 10/23/2004
Genie Komives For 10/23/2004
Anne Lindsey For 10/23/2004
Susan Houck For 10/23/2004
Robin Staudt Against 10/23/2004
Xiaopei Huang Against 10/23/2004
Melissa Cullough For 10/23/2004
Randy Sellers Against 10/23/2004
Christopher Gelpi Against 10/23/2004
Eric Dumain For 10/23/2004
Allison Worthy Against 10/23/2004
Michelle Burris-Ward Against 10/23/2004
Georgia Gamcsik Against 10/23/2004
Alice Anderson Against 10/23/2004
Kelly Monroe-Porco For 10/23/2004
Donna Jones For 10/23/2004
Jim Williams Against 10/23/2004
Tammie Stephenson Neutral 10/23/2004
Cyndy Rishn Against 10/23/2004
Sam Brooks For 10/23/2004
Rick Kennedy For 10/23/2004
Dana Thompson For 10/23/2004
Vicki Hill For 10/23/2004
Kristine Stolakis Against 10/23/2004
Lisa Stolakis Against 10/23/2004
Artie Franklin Neutral 10/23/2004
Claudia Tolan For 10/23/2004
Terry Wong Against 10/23/2004
Carol Andrews Neutral 10/23/2004
John Warzak Neutral 10/23/2004
Shang Yi Against 10/23/2004
Karen Styes Against 10/23/2004
Peter Morcombe Against 10/23/2004
Arlene Furman For 10/23/2004
Libbie Hough For 10/23/2004
Mary Copeland Against 10/23/2004
Pang Yao Against 10/23/2004
Christopher Lyu Against 10/23/2004
Marc TerHorbt Neutral 10/23/2004
Linda Daugherty For 10/23/2004
Greg Britz Neutral 10/23/2004
Tim Godsey Against 10/23/2004
Anne Gregory-Bepler Neutral 10/23/2004
Charles Mascarella Against 10/23/2004
Li Vu Against 10/23/2004
Jennifer Jansen  Against 10/23/2004
Atul Peres daSilva Against 10/23/2004
Jim Henniger Against 10/23/2004
Keith Cook Against 10/23/2004
Robert Ferguson Against 12/4/2003
Mark Peters Against 12/4/2003
David Gerlach: For 12/4/2003
Spencer Chambless For 12/4/2003
Lixin Yao Against 12/4/2003
Sandra Debussy Against 12/4/2003
Craig Debussy Against 12/4/2003
David Weinberg Against 12/4/2003
Artie Franklin Neutral 12/4/2003 Wants referendum
Susan Payne Against 12/4/2003
Brian Voyce Against 12/4/2003 could be neutral
Bill Holmberg Against 12/4/2003
Scott Wallen Against 12/4/2003
Qin Zen Against 12/4/2003
Weihua Xie Against 12/4/2003
Kathy Hartkopf Against 12/4/2003
Bruce Capehart Against 12/4/2003
Robin Staudt Against 12/4/2003
Sam Weir For 12/4/2003 Has a kid in a Durham charter and one in private
Karl Knapp Against 12/4/2003
Arlene Furman For 12/4/2003
Jack Nestor For 12/4/2003
Joal Hall Broun Neutral 12/4/2003
Lynn Lehmann Against 12/4/2003
Rick Kennedy For 12/4/2003
Gayane Chambless For 12/4/2003
Tim Godsey Against 12/4/2003
Vicki Hill Neutral 12/4/2003 "I'm sitting on the fence"
Melissa Holmberg Against 12/4/2003
Kelly Monroe-Porco For 12/4/2003
John Anderson Against 12/4/2003
Rick Chambless For 12/4/2003
Kate Faherty For 12/4/2003
Anne Lindsey For 12/4/2003
H. Jiang Against 12/4/2003
Julie Sendor Against 12/4/2003
Ashley Pendergrass Against 12/4/2003
Susan Houck For 12/4/2003
Steve Benjamin Against 12/4/2003
Leslie Lee Against 12/4/2003
Adrian Halpern Against 12/4/2003
Nicole Lyght For 12/4/2003
Coleen Rogers For 12/4/2003
Jim Rabinowitz Against 12/4/2003
Libbie Hough For 12/4/2003
Genie Komives For 12/4/2003
Gloria Faley Against 12/4/2003
Jeff Song Against 12/4/2003
Kate Fleishman For 12/4/2003 Could be neutral
Jian Li Against 12/4/2003
David Laudicina Neutral 12/4/2003 "Either merge them or separate them"
Jim Sorgy Against 12/4/2003
Brad Walters Against 12/4/2003
Total Speeches 186 100%
For 53 28%
Against 110 59%
Netural 23 12%
Unique Speakers (speakers counted once, neutral entry removed if speaker states a position in another entry)
Name Merger Position
Adrian Halpern Against
Al Hartkopf Against
Alice Anderson Against
Allen Spalt Against
Allison Worthy Against
Amy Levine Against
Andy Seligman Against
Ann Hill Against
Ann Lutes For
Anne Gregory-Bepler Neutral
Anne Lindsey For
Anne Lutes For
Arlene Furman For
Art Beldon Against
Artie Franklin Neutral
Ashley Pendergrass Against
Atul Peres daSilva Against
Bill Holmberg Against
Bob Tyson Against
Bobby Clap Against
Brad Walters Against
Brian Voyce Against
Bruce Capehart Against
Camille Webster Neutral
Carol Andrews Neutral
Cathy Saylor For
Charles Mascarella Against
Christopher Gelpi Against
Christopher Lyu Against
Christopher McLaurin Against
Claudia Tolan For
Coleen Rogers For
Craig Debussy Against
Cyndy Rishn Against
Dabney Grinnan Against
Dan Evers Against
Dana Thompson For
David Gerlach: For
David Laudicina For
David Weinberg Against
Deb Love Neutral
Debbie Miller Against
Debbie Piscitelli For
Deborah Love Neutral
Diane Willis Against
Dianyou Hu Against
Donna Jones For
Eleanor Allison Against
Elizabeth Brown For
Emily Maginn Neutral
Eric Dumain For
Etta Pisano Against
Gayane Chambless For
Genie Komives For
George Griffin Against
Georgia Gamcsik Against
Gloria Faley Against
Greg Britz Neutral
H. Jiang Against
Harold McFarland Against
Jack Nestor For
James Wilde Against
Jeff Danner Against
Jeff Song Against
Jennifer Jansen  Against
Jian Li Against
Jim Baumhauer Against
Jim Henniger Against
Jim Rabinowitz Against
Jim Sorgy Against
Jim Williams Against
Joal Hall Broun Neutral
Joanna edwards Against
Joe Nanney Neutral
John Anderson Against
John Dallara Against
John Hartwll Against
John Warzak Neutral
Jonathan Collins Neutral
Judy Margolis Against
Julie Sendor Against
Karen Styes Against
Karl Knapp Against
Kate Faherty For
Kate Fleishman For
Katharine Everson Against
Kathy Hartkopf Against
Keith Cook Against
Kelly Monroe-Porco For
Kristine Stolakis Against
Leslie Lee Against
Li Vu Against
Libbie Hough For
Linda Daugherty For
Liping Wong Against
Lisa Stolakis Against
Lixin Yao Against
Liz Brown For
Lynn Lehmann Against
Marc TerHorbt Neutral
Mark Costley Against
Mark Peifer For
Mark Peters Against
Mary Copeland Against
Matthew Barton Against
Melissa Cullough For
Melissa Holmberg Against
Michelle Burris-Ward Against
Michelle Lewis Against
Mike Kelley Against
Nancy Belding  For
Nicole Lyght For
Pang Yao Against
Patrick Malkey Against
Patty Courtright Against
Peter Morcombe Against
Qin Zen Against
Randy Sellers Against
Randy Sharpe Against
Rick Chambless For
Rick Kennedy For
Robert Ferguson Against
Robert Rosenberg Neutral
Robin Staudt Against
Ronglin Wang Against
Russell Woods Against
Sam Brooks For
Sam Weir For
Sandra Debussy Against
Sarah Ringel For
Scott Wallen Against
Seshi Hargett Neutral
Shang Yi Against
Spencer Chambless For
Stacy Lee For
Steve Benjamin Against
Susan Houck For
Susan Payne Against
Tammie Stephenson For
Terry Wong Against
Thomas Volk  Neutral
Tim Godsey Against
Tom Rankin Neutral
Ursula Council Against
Valerie Summers Against
Vicki Hill For
Vince Wingate Against
Weihua Xie Against
Xiaopei Huang Against
Yuling Li Against
Unique Speakers 150 100%
For 37 25%
Against 96 64%
Netural 17 11%
2.6 Times as many unique speakers were AGAINST merger


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