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Moses Carey and Margaret Brown say NO to Fair Funding of OCS

Fair Funding advocates should take note that Carey and Brown did NOT second a motion by Commissioner Gordon during the recent budget workshops which would chip away at funding disparity in a manner that is fiscally responsible.

The first part of the motion was to raise the ad valorem tax by a penny and lower the city district tax by 0.7 cents, thereby starting to reduce differences in funding with very little tax impact when compared to the 20+ cent increase that would immediately occur with merger. 

The second part of the motion was to start preparing a countywide supplemental tax ballot question which could be considered for inclusion on the November ballot. This proposal was merely to start preparations so that it might be possible to put it on the ballot. Without starting now, there is little possibility of having it on the ballot if the commissioners later desire to go that route.

The motion went without a second.

Merger is merger.  Funding is funding.  The county staff stated at the outset that there are several ways to address funding issues without the loss of local control and other disadvantages that would occur with merger.




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