The July 20th Primary is Very Important

Click Here to Double-Check Your Polling Place (MANY HAVE MOVED)

Take a Look at the Ballot so you can remember who to vote for!

We endorse Val Foushee and Pam Hemminger!

UNAFFIILIATED VOTERS - BE SURE TO ASK FOR THE DEMOCRATIC BALLOT!!  Many unaffiliated voters are still not aware that they can vote in the Democratic primary.  Please help us get the word out!  Please report any voting problems to us.

Democrats have dominated the commissioner race for over 50 years, so the winners of the July 20th primary and any runoffs will likely be the two commissioners seated in November.  The incumbents have a combined total of 28 years in office, which means that low voter turnout is likely to be in their favor.


Click Here for the Live Results from the Board of Elections

Also, you can use this link from a web-capable cellphone to get just the BOCC race (could break any minute or produce inaccurate results, use at your own risk)


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